Steve Stein is an Information Architect currently appointed with ETECTURE GmbH a Frankfurt am Main based company that provides tailor-made software solutions and state-of-the-art technologies for the web. In his position as an Information Architect Mr. Stein develops online concepts and strategies for media corporations. He advises in matters of user-experience and usability and consults in the area of search engine optimization.
Other activities include the design of mobile applications and prototypes as well as research in the area of social media.

     Steve Stein was CTO of two different Internet startups in Berlin and Cologne and shares his experiences as an IT Angel. He consults young entrepreneurs within their digital challenges, provides advice about information architecture & user-experience design and helps them implementing their ambitious plans and shaping their online strategies.
Mr. Stein is also available as a freelancer in the area of information architecture (IA), usability (UX), human computer interaction (HCI) and the semantic web (web 3.0) as well as social network analysis and search engine engineering (SEE) & optimization (SEO).

     Mr. Stein is a former lecturer in digital media at the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern and a discussion panelist. His courses included Media Management and Production, Media Design Foundations and Media and Communications.


     Steve Stein is a specialist for information architecture and web usability. He has been deeply involved in the development of web based information architecture, applications and services for over a decade. Mr. Stein began his career in Bremerhaven as a web designer in 1996 and started his own company in 1999 while still in high school. A few years later (2003) after several projects as a freelancer he successfully supervised the development of online services as project manager and team leader for various companies in Bremerhaven and Lübeck. In 2006 Mr. Stein continued his career in Cologne as a consultant for information architecture and web based information systems. He soon became interim CTO of a social media network before he decided to spent one year (2009) as a lecturer for digital media in Kaiserslautern. Steve Stein was appointed CIO & CTO of a Berlin based company that produced the worlds first individualized newspaper. Currently Mr. Stein provides his services as a freelancer in the area of Information Architecture and Search Engine Optimization.

     Steve Stein possesses a Master of Science Degree in Digital Media from the International School of New Media at the University of Lübeck. His master thesis investigated the area of information architecture from a socio-technical perspective.

     Mr. Stein graduated as a Computer Scientist from the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. His specialization is media informatics with a broad focus on Internet related technologies and online usability & accessibility. In his diploma thesis he proposed a fundamental structure for an XML/XSLT based content management system.


Steve Stein M.Sc. in Digital Media & Dipl. Inf. (FH)

Steve Stein, M.Sc.: Information Architect
information • design • technology

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Fields of Work

     Steve Stein is available as a freelancer for interesting and challenging projects in the area of information architecture and web technologies. Mr. Stein designs strategies for an optimized utilization of modern online technologies. He creates concepts to facilitate social media and to tap social networking benefits. He enables the power of search engines in all sorts of information systems and prepares them for semantic services.

     Steve Stein works as an IT consultant who advices project teams with their technology strategies. His specialization is user experience design, social network analysis and search engine engineering. Mr. Stein audits usability, accessibility, search engine optimization and online security. He evaluates concepts & implementations and provides professional advice for sophisticated development.

     Mr. Stein is a lecturer for online & media sciences. His academic vitae includes various lectures in media & technology related fields and several publications, talks & committees. Steve Stein possesses a Diploma in Media Informatics and a Masters degree in Digital Media.


     Steve Stein maintains a large and international network of experts. His professional partners range from design to development and from science to business. These versatile relationships allow Mr. Stein to contact additional assistance and recourse to further fields of expertise.

     Steve Stein has connections to sophisticated and well known service & content providers, professional development agencies & individuals, academic experts and talented students.

     Mr. Stein is currently located in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Boston (United States). He has lived and worked in various places such as Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Lübeck, Bremerhaven & Kaiserslautern. He is internationally connected with direct contacts to professionals from around the world.